Rev.Shirley Golianis,D.D.

Reiki Practitioner, Metaphysical Practitioner

Who am I? I am a Spiritualist, Medium, Energy Healer, Teacher, Mother, Artist and Designer.  I live with my fifteen year old son and there is lots of love in our home.  I am always working on some engaging and fulfilling activity that brings passion, joy and fulfillment.  I enjoy expressing myself through the creative arts and sharing those gifts with the world.  I love to be engaged in life, and enjoy gardening, designing, painting, making jewelry, cooking, writing and education.  I am the Divine Feminine in action, ever growing, evolving and spreading my wings.  I am here to facilitate the sacred process of healing your life on all levels in a gentle, loving and kind manner.  I assist you through the process of self-discovery, reveal the root core of your illness, bringing you into alignment.  I am the vessel and channel for reiki.

I was raised in a family where my voice was silenced and was not able to express myself or my feelings openly.  I didn't speak very much and did not feel valued until I began to study and do research in the creative arts, where I became an Interior Designer, and my natural, creative talents emerged.  It took some time for me to love and accept myself and heal the emotional childhood wounds as well as unhealthy relationships I experienced.  I spent years rebuilding my self-esteem, sense of self-worth, my emotional body, and reclaimed my personal power so that I now live a life of purpose, with love, peace and joy. 


As a practitioner, my expertise and gifts are in servicing clients that are in need of restoration, regeneration, chakra alignment and clearing through Reiki.  My clients come from all walks of life and are facing a myriad of life challenges.    



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