Doctor of Divinity,

Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, Angel Intuitive

Reiki Healing Session



"Thank you so much for Reiki, with everything going on, this was really nice."

Darlene, Oxnard

"Thank you for everything, this was just perfect."

Julie, Oxnard

"With the overcoming of all my challenges, taking this time for me has been really nice.  Thank you."

Carol, Oxnard


"This was just great, I'm so relaxed and balanced.  Thank you again."

Bridgit, Oxnard



"I saw so many colors, colors of the rainbow. That was a really amazing healing session.  Thank you."

Jesuse, Oxnard

"That was so incredbile and amazing!  I really needed this.  Thank you again!"

Linda, Ojai

"This was just so relaxing and as a caregiver, I really needed this time to receive and give back to myself.  Thank you so much."

Rosie, Oxnard

"Thank you, I really needed this, it was perfect!"

Brenda, Oxnard

"Thank you for Reiki, your energy is very warm, I feel grounded now and relaxed."

Denise, Oxnard

"That was so nice, the session felt very soothing. Thank you."

Fluor, Oxnard


"Thank you for such a relaxing, healing session."

Brigit, Oxnard


"Thank you for the 90 minute Reiki Massage; I feel great!  The environment is very relaxing and you have a  very successful touch that feels very advanced.  You made me fall into a meditative state where I could completely relax.

Lu, Oxnard

"I fell into a meditative state and became very calm and felt so safe.  Thank you so much.

This reminded me of biofeedback that was used in the 1970's, however this is very pleasant.

Lisa, Oxnard

"Thank you so much for everything, as I feel so much more relaxed, especially my arm that was hurting me.  Thank you!

Rosa, Oxnard

"I take on so much from everyone, and have been so stressed, I could feel your loving energy and has made me feel uplifted and just want to thank you for that; thank you again."

Rose, Oxnard

"I feel relaxed, your are the best! I Loved it!

Ladisllao, Oxnard

"This is my first Reiki experience and the session felt very relaxing.  Thank you for everything."

Amy, Oxnard

"This was an amazing experience as I felt so much love coming from you.  I feel incredibly peaceful and your hands, amazing.  Thank you so much.!"

Cindy, Oxnard

"This stuff really works, I feel like I can breathe again; thank you so much!!"

Carolyn, Oxnard

"I needed to be open and let you in and you seem as if you have been doing this for more than fifteen years.  Thank you."

Jose, Oxnard

"I have been not feeling well, and thank you for the session, as I feel less congested and clear.  Thank you."

Alex, Oxnard

"I feel lighter, I feel like I can run forever."  The heaviness I felt when I first arrived is gone now."  Thank you."

Rich, Oxnard

"I have experienced recent losses and am going through somethings right now.  My energy was scattered, and now I feel at ease and more balanced.  Thank you."

Brenda, Oxnard



"Thank you, I was in so much pain, and feel better."

Alexia, Oxnard

"You are so sweet.  I am so relaxed, thank you."

Dori, Oxnard

"Thank you Shirley."

Monica, Oxnard

"I felt like I was floating, I missed you last week.  I don't want to leave. See you next week, that was wonderful. Thank you."

Lasda, Oxnard

"Thank you for giving me Reiki and relaxing me, I thoroughly enjoyed this session and do not want to go back to work, because I feel so calm and peaceful."

June, Oxnard

"This was so relaxing and so beautiful, the way you put me at ease immediately, I could feel all the anxiety, pain lift off and I drifted off into such a peaceful state.  Thank you so much!"

Carolyn, Oxnard


"Shirley, I was so stressed and full of anxiety when I first got here for our session, and I have become so relaxed, you sent me to place where I was washed down a river, flowing freely as the water washed over me.  I feel so good and your hands are wonderful!"  "Thank you."

Angelina, Oxnard

"Shirley, your hands, you have no idea how you transported me to such a beautiful place during our session.  You are amazing.  Thank you. "

Chris, Oxnard

"Thank you Shirley.  I didn't know what to expect and now I understand what Reiki is and how wonderful I felt after my treatment.  I felt alot of emotional release and feel lighter."

Rodney, Camarillo

"I felt an emotional release when you worked on my side, where I had surgery, I was crying as I released feelings of resentment."  Thank you Shirley.  I will see you next week."

Joan, Oxnard

"This felt so good."  Thank you. Thank you."

Tammy, Oxnard

"This was really good and I feel good. I'll see you next week. Thank you."

Francisco, Oxnard


"I feel so much better."  "Thank you."

Darlene, Oxnard

"This made me a believer, best experience of my life."

Vince, Camarillo


"This was my first experience with Reiki for myself.  As Shirley traveled down my body and then got to my waist, and I felt a lightness exit out my right knee area.  It was very exact and a definite release!"

Heidi Paddock, Ojai


"Thank you Shirley for Reiki, it was fantastic, very relaxing and I feel like dancing now.  Is it o.k. to come back for another session?"

Mary Veillette, Ventura

"I feel so relaxed, coordinated and greatful for this healing session.  Thank you so much.  My headache is completely gone now."

Liliane Georges, Ventura

"I am relaxed now and enjoyed the session very much."

Patty McFadyen, Granada Hills

“I truly feel so much better, after a Reiki Treatment, I was left calm, rejuvenated, and focused.  Shirley has wonderful healing hands.

Thank you."

Christina Hart, Three Rivers

"Your voice and hands have this unique calming effect.  Thank you for Reiki.  When can I get my next session?"

Cookie Becker, Granada Hills

"You are magnificent, believe and trust in your God-given incredibleness."

Virginia, Pfau Granada Hills

"Do you want to float on a cloud?  I do!  Shirley is my answer, magical, warm hands, soothing sounds, wonderful!"

Virginia Hancock, Granada Hills

"My pain level goes down and I'm now relaxed."

Susan Aigner, Granada Hills

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