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May 14, 2017

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July 14, 2017


Life is forever changing, nothing stays the same, and change is my best friend these days.  I welcome it into my world as a new day to begin again, with understanding and compassion. Yesterday is gone and the future is not here yet, therefore, this moment is a gift, a present.  When we make the choice to be love, live in love, we are anchoring the energies of the New Earth we are all creating now. Will you join me, embracing your unique role in creating the New Earth? Release the old ways, old habits and patterns that no longer work or serve you. Living in the moment, embracing where you are right now, in total acceptance, with love and compassion, loving yourself completely is what is required now.  What does it mean to live life with an open heart and an open mind?  It means acceptance, compassion and patience with others, surrendering , releasing control.  Honoring your brothers and sisters as they too, are moving through their own personal challenges and evolutionary process.


Are you on the path of joy?  Why or why not? How can you bring more joy into your life?  Are you giving back to yourself, the way you so unselfishly give to others?   I find the greatest joy when I am making a difference in some one's life, bringing them a smile, creating humor when life is too serious, sharing unconditional love. I start out my day asking God how may I be of service and to whom can I serve?   I'm guided in magnificent ways, lighting the path, with joy, peace, trust and love.


When we are consciously aware, that each person is walking their own path, we need not only honor their process, we must honor our journey as well.  As we support our loved ones, with sacred space, simply to be, is a loving act of kindness. Healing is a priority and it's all part of the ascension process as you remember that your health is your wealth, be kind and loving with yourself during these exciting times of growth and change. 


We are multidimentional, spiritual beings and living from the heart means being open to all unlimited possibilities.  Loving your friends, family and neighbors without judgment, having an open heart and mind is expansion in the way that we live and think, and interact with the world around us. We move into an expansive awareness that we are one with everything and that the illusion of separation is simply that, an illusion.  



To live from your heart daily is to strip yourself of who you have been so that you can embrace who you are becoming, your true self, your  essence of love. Livng your truth forms the foundation for your life, how we treat each other, and support one another, spiritually, emotionally and creatively.  As you begin to anchor these loving energies and qualities in yourself,  you set the platform to empower yourself and others around you.  


Making the decision to respect yourself and others is an example of your core values, and asking yourself what you aspire to become, how will you make a difference in the world, and what you truly value in life will lead you to a life of everlasting fulfillment.  It's not our job to fix anyone, but it is our responsibility to allow sacred space for each person's spiritual growth, honoring their divinity, setting boundaries and moving forward on your path to serve your higher purpose.


We each have to make choices daily what we will accept in our lives and what we must be let go of, as it no longer serves our higher purpose.  It is necessary to your own spirtual growth and development to let go of the things, people, habits, and patterns that no longer serve you on your path of enlightenment. It's time to clear out your life so that you can move forward to living your life in peace, joy and freedom.