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July 1, 2017


Forgiveness begins with releasing blame and judgment of others and it begins from within. Each of us has our own unique journey to travel with our unique rythm along with certain lessons to learn.  Forgiveness demands that we turn our attention inwards and with the energy of love, we assess our relationships.  



We have relationships with people we work with, friends, family, business associates, our children, and we have a relationship with ourselves. Forgiveness is not about asserting who was right and who was wrong because it does not occur with the intellect.  As we move to a place of inner peace, one can release remorse, guilt, or anger through the energy of love.  When we find ourselves unable to forgive others, what happens is we create a block for love to come into our life as well as in our body, mind and spirit.  Forgiveness is something that comes from the heart and therefore is the key to your own liberation.  Forgiveness allows you to release love into your daily life, affecting your health, inner balance and well-being.


Once you release the old hurts and wounds of yesterday through forgiveness, you can live life freely, so that you can continue to be a light to others.  Any confusion, lack of direction, or a feeling of being overwhelmed may be from energy that you are still holding in a small corner of your heart that needs to be released.  Love is the spiritual energy that connects you to the people who have hurt you; the issues that resist forgiveness are aligned with love; perhaps the love you never received or the love that you offered and was rejected or even betrayed and the love that was used to manipulate or control you.  When we make the conscious decision to forgive someone, we are basically releasing feelings of resentment and anger toward another.  People who are able to forgive are happier and healther as they do not hold any negative emotions such as anger, guilt, resentment, etc.



It's important to release old grievances daily so as not to carry them over to the next day. This helps beginning each day with a fresh perspective so that you are not accumulating or holding onto grievances against yourself or others.  We all have challenges that we face each day and to harbor resentment, jealousy or other negative emotions over issues is very unhealthy to your own well-being.  Sometimes all it takes is asking a simple question, like "Am I o.k.?"  More often than not, the answer is yes.  I encourage you to invite forgiveness into your heart so that you can enjoy the precious gift of life, knowing that you need not carry burdens of yesterday.


Each evening, you can say a prayer or meditate so that you can move forward, and live your life in peace and joy.  We have so much love in our hearts to give and to share in partnerships and relationships, expanding our inner awareness of the delicate spiritual beings that we are.  <