ANGEL HEART LOVE REIKI is created out of my unconditional love for you and my soul's deepest desire to uphold your uniqueness and Divine Birth right, that of Spiritual Abundance, Peace, and Love in all of its magnificent forms.  In the quiet space of your heart and soul, remember how powerful you are as you move through this 3D existence.  With over twenty five years of experience working both as an energy healer, spiritual teacher and Angel Intuitive.  


I specialize in transmuting dense, negative energies through shifting and raising the vibrational frequencies, resulting in  healing and activing my client's DNA.  I use my innate gifts to heal energetically.

During all of my healing sessions, I work with the energies of my Angelic Team, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, St. Germain and the Violet Flame.


What is love? It's many things to many people, however, it may not be what you think or imagine it to be.  True love is simply unconditional, a higher love which makes no demands on another to fulfull themselves.   We simply are love.  When we choose to live in love, without judgment, with total acceptance of ourselves, we are able to accept others.  Love yourself, all of yourself, the dark and light, the funny, sad, happy, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical you in all its magnificence.

SELF LOVE??  When we choose to love ourselves and fill our cup with love, peace and joy, we do not have the need to seek outside of ourselves, instead we come to the table to share our cup that is full and experience receiving and giving of ourselves.  We must first learn how to love ourselves, in doing so, our relationships will mirror that love, the kindness, the beauty, the softness, the real deal.  Today, choose love in all its abundant forms and share that, share your cup with your loved ones. 


Have patience, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and any mistakes you made in life.  They are only lessons, once you learn them, you are ready to move on and make healthier choices and decisions based on what is best for you and your life, the only life you've got, so it's important to choose wisely. 


Release the past, and do not bring it into the present, forgive those that have hurt you and let it go.  There's no need to live in your past, it's finished.  Create a new vision for your future and begin living it today.  Always stand your ground and have courage.  Never, never allow others to demean, belittle or make you feel small.  Never allow others to insult you, emotionally diminish your self-worth, your self-confidence, and devalue you. There is simply no room in one's life for toxic, negative energy.


You know who you are, your truth, you are a Queen who commands respect, dignity, honor and love.  Live your dreams and never live your life in fear, for that is the oppositive of love.  "Someone once gave me a box full of darkness, this was a gift that I learned from too."

"Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it."  Dr. Maya Angelou


Therefore, love is unconditional acceptance of yourself, without judgment.  This is transformation, and leads to the acceptance of others without judgment.  Once one stops seeking fulfillment from the external world, through the integration process, we create a holistic life, a life of oneness, through self-acceptance, and self-love, which is created from the inside, as healing is an inside job.  All you need, want and desire is within you and always has been.  You just need to acknowledge your Divinity!  What are you waiting for?  All you have to do is believe in yourself and under no uncertain terms, value your worth as the world needs you.


As a Professional Metaphysical Practitioner, which is the practice and application of Spiritual Mind Healing, I am honored to facilitate this sacred process of Healing your Life.  There are a myriad of conditions (illness, financial, relationship, career, friendship, etc.) limited beliefs that prevents us from living a happy and healthy life.   Through the process of integration, we learn to gain self acceptance and self love.  Through this process of awareness and integration, transformation on the most deepest levels can be experienced.  Transformation involves the following steps:

1. Awareness (Intellectual: Knowing)

2. Acceptance (Mental: Thinking)

3. Direct Expereince (Body: Feeling)

4. Transformation (Spiritual: Transcending)


Once, you accept your feelings through courage, you will experience self-love and and self esteem.  When you accept the power of love and forgiveness to transform and heal your own life, then you are able to help others in ways that are miraculous.  The Ultimate responsibility leads to liberation by taking the first step in life situations, relationships, circumstances to walk away from, where you are in betrayal of your self-respect.


I am a Love Ambassador  who shows others what self acceptance means. They are tolerant and embrace diversity. They forgive themselves and others. They visualize how love can transform the world. Ambassadors bring unconditional love to family, friends, communities, companies, schools, and civic organizations. They share their love for the animals, plants, oceans and rivers. They love the earth and all that inhabits it. They are an example of what unconditional love can do in all situations.


Professional Metaphysical Practitioner

Ordained Metaphysical Minister

Certified Angel Intuitive

Light Worker

Love Ambassador


Clairvoyant, Clairsentience



Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Karuna Ki Reiki Master
Certified Life Path Reiki I, II

Ph.D Degree, Relationship Dynamics (Progress)

Doctoral Degree, Divinity

Master's Degree, Metaphysical Science
Bachelor's Degree, Metaphysical Science

Associates Arts Degree, Liberal Arts
Professional Interior Designer



Holistic Chamber of Commerce

American Tarot Association

The Love Foundation

Doctor of Divinity
Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive
Professional Metaphysical Practitioner
Daily Affirmation
I AM Wealth
I AM Abundance
all the Gold,
all the Joy,
all the Health,
all the Fulfillment,
all the Brilliance,
in this Universe,
I let it be so..and so it is!